Mr. Moosh
Tyler bolyard moosh ks front square edit
Tyler bolyard moosh ks side square edit
Tyler bolyard moosh ks back square edit

Mr. Moosh Vis Dev Turntable

Tyler bolyard finalsculpt zbrushrenders

Zbrush Sculpt

Tyler bolyard finalsculpt zbrushrenders02
Tyler bolyard 3dprint partfiles

3D Print Setup Slicing & Keying

Tyler bolyard 3dprint partfiles polygroups
Tyler bolyard 00100dportrait 00100 burst20181215024033507 cover

3D Printed Prototype Maquette

Tyler bolyard 00100dportrait 00100 burst20181215024846352 cover
Tyler bolyard 00100dportrait 00100 burst20181215023958236 cover
Tyler bolyard 00100dportrait 00100 burst20181216155657337 cover

Prototype Maquette with the larger multi piece Maquette

Tyler bolyard img 20181215 023337
Tyler bolyard mvimg 20181214 201806 2

Printing on the Formlabs Form 2

WIRED x Dailies Contacts Featured Video

Tyler bolyard designandposes

Character designs by Amanda Haley Bell

Tyler bolyard shiba expressions

Character expressions by Amanda Haley Bell

Tyler bolyard commercial screenshot 01

WIRED Web Feature

Tyler bolyard commercial screenshot 02

Responsible for all 3D aspects. 2D Designs by Amanda Haley Bell.

This is a personal project based on my dog, a Shiba Inu named Mushu. We like to call him Mr. Moosh or just Moosh for short. He's an adorably, fluffy goofball with lots of love. I was lucky enough to collaborate with WIRED and Dailies Contacts for an opportunity to be featured in an ad campaign focusing on different artists around the United States.